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Blanche Kazmirski, Age 2, Ware, Massachusetts - 1904

This is the family tree of Philip Parcell, Sr. and Laura (Pesata) Parcell. Phil is the son of The Rev. Raymond Lee Parcell, Jr. and Bonnie June (Burris) Parcell and Laura is the daughter of Karel Peter Pesata and Doris Josephine (Rupp) Pesata.

This website covers the family genealogies of our four surnames: Pesata, Rupp, Parcell/Parcel and Burris and their collateral branches.

Over 20 years of work have been put into the research, documentation, and presentation of our ancestors. Some of the information, pictures, documents, and stories found within this site were provided to me by family members near and far. This site would not be possible without them...thank you! To everyone who has uploaded documents and photos to ancestry.com, findagrave.om, as well as other web sites...thank you! I hope you enjoy browsing the information I have gathered here.

Most birth, marriage, and death certificates have been sourced for seven generations and some to eight or nine generations back. A few of our family lines go back to 10 generations to the early 1600s.

Family Tree
To see our Family Tree, at the top left, click either "Phil's Side" or "Laura's Side".

Left Column/Side
The left column provides a variety of topics about our families. These include: a complete list of surnames, histories, stories, copies of documents, and a lot more! There are photos of headstones and maps of cemeteries where available. Interesting reports are in the works. Photos of our ancestors are being compiled with links to the individuals. All of this is in progress and each time you return, more information will be available. Any information is welcome, and any photos or documents you would like to share can be attached to the ancestor.

Right Side
The right side includes an excellent search tool, features and some of the resources I use to research our families.

Every attempt has been made to protect the names of the living. This is based on a birth and/or death date, and if this information is missing, then it is possible for the information on a living person to be shown. If you see any such names, please let me know and I will mark them as living.

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I am always looking for family members to help contribute to this website. I will be happy to add any stories and photos as well as missing or additional information. Why not consider registering for a free account with us and help make this the most complete and accurate source of information by sharing with us any family facts, artifacts, and anecdotes you may have.

Please note: To protect the privacy of living descendants, some information including photographs, notes, and some names and dates are only available to registered users.

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Laura & Phil

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